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What are the advantages of using The Payroll People?

I am excited to offer clients a state of the art, easy-to-use, affordable payroll software that puts everything you need at your fingertips to maximize your productivity and efficiency. The system that The Payroll People partners with offers an employer and employee portal, free of charge, with an unlimited number of users. 

The employer portal allows clients to be able to manage all aspects of their payroll, from adding or removing employees, processing payroll to printing reports, or retrieving copies of returns already filed. In each employee portal, the employee can view check stubs and W2’s, run a payroll report that shows their earnings for the time frame they select, change their tax withholdings and update their direct deposit information.

Even better, with the integrated Time & Attendance and HR Software, you don’t have to login to any other software and manually transfer data. You have one login to manage all of the features. The same is true for the employee portal – one login to enter time and view HR documents. The software is versatile enough that we can set up multiple types of access, accommodating clients regardless of whether they want access to the software themselves or for those seeking a more hands-off payroll service.

Why should clients choose The Payroll People?

Other than the exceptional software, clients should choose to work with me because I care! 

I care about providing the best service and software possible to my clients. I care about making payroll simpler for my clients. I care that the payroll is accurate. I care that my client’s tax payments and filings are correct and timely. I want my clients to be happy with the services that we provide, to know that they are being heard and that they are a priority. Some payroll companies take days to respond to their clients, and I find that unacceptable. With The Payroll People, you will get a same-day response. 

I know what it is like to own a business, run a business, and have employees. I understand that my clients are busy, they are not payroll professionals and gifted with other talents. Sometimes mistakes are made. Life happens. And when it does, I want to be there to help fix the mistake and go the extra mile to get your employees paid. I want to be a partner that my clients can rely on, trust, and who cares about their business & their employees the way that they do.

My clients are more than just a number to me.

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The Payroll People offers an employer and employee portal, free of charge, with an unlimited number of users.

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When you’re not busy helping your clients, where can we find you?

In the summer, you will find me outside, whether it be working in my garden, walking the dogs, spending time at the lake, reading a book in the yard, or attending my son’s archery tournaments. I really enjoy the warm weather, and since we don’t get a lot of it in Wisconsin, I try to take advantage of it as much as I can. I like trying new foods and traveling, and have been to almost every state in the US.

In the fall and winter, I spend more time inside, primarily cooking and baking (and eating!). I love making Christmas cut-out cookies, and my son says I make the best banana bread around. Every year my husband and I do a Soup Day, where we gather together with family and friends and make 6-8 different kinds of soups and spend time together. At the end of the day, we portion and freeze the soups, split them between everyone, and then any time we want homemade soup in the winter, all we have to do is thaw a bag. It has become a tradition that everyone really enjoys.

I would love the opportunity to provide your business or organization with a complimentary quote and introduce you to The Payroll People!